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Kaitselüliti TX³, 3C 6A 6kA, Legrand
Kaitselüliti TX³, 3C 6A 6kA, Legrand

SmartMod™ I/O - 2 channel AO (voltage or current, 14 bit resolution), Horner
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SmartMod™ I/O - 2 channel AO (voltage or current, 14 bit resolution), Horner
Kood: HE359DAC007
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SmartMod™ I/O - Dual channel voltage or current output module (14 bit resolution)

A new I/O for OCS and Other Fieldbus Systems
Our newest OCS I/O option, SmartMod I/O, is now available to expand your OCS system. It's a great choice for expanding next generation OCS when you need one, two or a few more digital or analog I/O. Because SmartMod I/O are so compact, they will fit in the smallest spaces.

X-Series Ready
  • Connects via RS-485 Modbus/RTU to an XLe, QX, LX or NX Operator Control Station or any other OCS/RCS family controller
  • A total of 31 SmartMod I/O modules may be daisy chained on a single RS-485 link
  • DIN rail mountable
  • Optical Isolation
  • Response time suitable for most analog applications
  • Fits in the smallest panels: 17.5mm x 100mm x 120mm (0.69" x 3.94" x 4.72")
  • 12 different SmartMod I/O modules are available to choose from including:
  • - DC In, DC Out
    - Analog In, Analog Out
    - Relay
    - RTD
    - Thermocouple

To easily configure SmartMod via OCS please download the SmartMod Quickstart guide here.
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